This Ford Bronco Overlanding Rig is Begging to Get Lost Off-Grid


It’s been an exciting summer for Ford, as the company has officially began production of the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco SUV at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, The Detroit Free Press said. And now, we’re getting a first look at a Bronco concept vehicle that hosts a wide range of features making it one badass overland vehicle. This thing is just begging to get lost off-grid and hide away for an extended period of time!

This Bronco concept design is based off the four-door “Badlands trim,” which has more focus on off-road capabilities than other Bronco models offer, Autoguide reports. The design also looks to include other upgrades that people who enjoy the outdoors will appreciate, like a fishing rod holder, winch, or Yakima racks.


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Another rendition shows the Overland Concept with a two-person mounted on top of the roof, a spot on the tailgate to set your portable camping stove, and tons of storage for your chairs and other necessities. It’s every camper’s – or backwoods hunter’s – dream!

If all that isn’t enough, the Bronco featured in the video below sports Ford’s new ‘Area 51’ color scheme and the “Sasquatch Package.”

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Also included on the concept design is a 360-degree lighting system and a CB radio. You know, in case say.. big foot visits you in the middle of the night.

The Bronco will also offer a 12.0-inch SYNC4 infotainment system. It will come with over-the-air updates and will also offer a 360 degree camera view with off-road spotter views to better help drivers navigate tricky terrains and rock trails. It will also feature more than 1,000 curated trail maps by NeoTreks so you don’t need to scour Google for a good trail for a weekend getaway.

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