OutdoorHub 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Multitools for Everyday Carry


OutdoorHub 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Multitools for Everyday Carry

The Holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s one of my favorite times of the year – Winter. Along with the inter months comes many annual Holidays and it is these holidays that make it a perfect time to start shopping for gifts! One of my favorite types of gifts to give nearly all of my friends are good multi-tools. Multi-Tools take your standard EDC pocket knife and turn things to eleven by adding a good handful of useful tools that every handyman, outdoorsman, or office desk-jockey could use throughout their daily life. We’ll have a wide range of options including some more affordable ones for friends, co-workers, and acquaintances you want to shower with a handy gift to some of the best that the multi-tool scene has to offer for your good friends, or maybe that special someone in your life who just needs a good handy multi-tool at their side.

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OutdoorHub 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Multitools for Everyday Carry


1. Leatherman OHT - One Handed Multitool

Leatherman OHT - One Handed Multitool

The Leatherman OHT or One-Handed Multitool is one of the best that Leatherman has to offer and features nice and convenient features that make it well.. a great one-handed tool. The spring-loaded pliers allow you to hold or secure whatever you’re working on and the spring-loaded pliers help you in any cutting, crimping, or fastening job you need to get done. The only upgrade that we can see with this one is to get rid of the standard fabric sheath that comes with the OHT and swap it out for a single Kydex pistol magazine pouch for easy one-handed access to the multitool when you need it most.

Pros/Great for one handed operation.
Cons/Included sheath isn't all that great
Bottom Line/An awesome multi-tool that is both durable and quite handy when compared to even some of the more expensive multitools out there.

2. 5.11 Tactical LE EMT Multitool 2.0

5.11 Tactical LE EMT Multitool 2.0

An EDC multitool that keeps you ready when the seconds count. The LE EMT Multitool 2.0 has been redesigned for superior ergonomics and versatility. Equipped with a spring-loaded glass breaker, serrated rescue blade with a safety blunt tip, and 8 more tools that can be deployed at a moment’s notice. The improved carry clip is now longer for increased security when clipped onto a belt or pocket.


Pros/Loaded down with lots of unique and useful tools with an included carrying clip
Cons/A bit bulky
Bottom Line/A great EDC multi-tool for just about anyone!

3. Gerber Gear Stake Out Mini-Multitool

Gerber Gear Stake Out Mini-Multitool

With the Gerber Stake Out Multi-Tool strapped to your belt, you’re unstoppable. The Stake Out camp tool handles the activities that every trip demands: setting up your tent, maintaining gear, cooking and packing out. Each of the 11 tools serves a distinct purpose to help you effectively manage your campsite. With a plain edge blade, saw, scissors, and awl, the Stake Out houses a variety of cutting tools for any need. Plus, a tent stake puller makes it a breeze to pack up and head out. Opposite the cutting tools, there is a ruler, bottle opener, file and tweezers. A sturdy carabiner is built into the frame for easy clip and go. Light weight, versatility, and easy packability make this multi-tool worthy of its keep.

Pros/Compact and still comes with a dcent set of everyday use tools
Cons/No pliers, clip can be uncomfortable to carry while in the pocket
Bottom Line/A very affordable multitool that would make a perfect stocking stuffer

4. Zippo Fire Starting Multi-Tool

Zippo Fire Starting Multi-Tool

One tool to rule the fire. The Fire Starting Multi-Tool has everything you need to reliably start your fire. Use the wheel and flint to spark the fire paracord and add shavings from the tinder grater. Keep building your fire by adding additional wood fuel cut using the onboard knife and saw blade. The multitasking fire-starting phenom is an essential on your next outdoor adventure.

  • Flint wheel ignition (includes 1 flint)
  • 420 High-carbon steel knife blade
  • Fire paracord: wax-coated red strand; 15 in. / 38.1 cm. length
  • Double cut saw blade, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, & bail
  • Dual flint storage & tinder grater
Pros/The perfect companion for the adventureous outdoorsman who needs a warm fire.
Cons/Not really great at anything other than starting fires
Bottom Line/Great for your firends or family who like to camp a lot or start up back yard bonfires

5. Victorinox Pioneer X Alox Multi-Tool

Victorinox Pioneer X Alox Multi-Tool

Victorinox Pioneer X Alox Multi-Tool – The Pioneer X is the first Pioneer Swiss Army Knife ever to feature a pair of precision scissors. They’re perfect for opening packages, snipping string, clipping out articles and so much more. They make an excellent addition to a pocket knife that already includes a versatile steel blade, a sharpened reamer and a host of other functions. And you’ll find them all in the same beautifully designed, remarkably durable and exceptionally resilient package that so many people have come to love.


  • Blade, large
  • Reamer, punch
  • Can opener
  • Screwdriver 3 mm
  • Bottle opener
  • Screwdriver 7 mm
  • Wire stripper
  • Key ring
  • Scissors
Pros/Affordable and comes with the same quality and reputation that all Victorinox products have
Cons/Not great at heavier duty tasks
Bottom Line/A great light-duty multi-tool perfect for use at home, in the garage or in the office.

What are the best brands for multitools?

Multitools can be found just about anywhere online these days but there are really only a handful of reputable manufacturers that produce multitools of consistent quality. Among these is Leatherman, who is responsible for a vast majority of the best offerings in the market. While not all of Leatherman’s offerings a perfect fit for every situation, they have such a wide variety that you’re likely able to find something perfectly suited to your situation or someone else’s if you’re looking for a gift.

Gerber Gear also makes a great lineup of quality tools that are both handy and affordable. Most Gerber Gear products won’t last quite as long as Leatherman products but you’ll also be able to replace them for a lot less. Gerber also makes a lot of great tools that fall out of the category of the multitool.

Victorinox could be considered to be the original multitool company back when they introduced the first swiss army knife. Victorinox multitool excels at being super easy to carry just about anywhere, with a limited variety of options for both size and toolset. Where Victorinox multitools don’t shine is in the heavy-duty work department. If you know you’re going to be doing some heavier-duty work, I’d skip past these and go straight for a Gerber or Leatherman full-sized multitool.


Can I carry a multi-tool on a plane?

The Short answer is no. This is simply because a vast majority of multi-tools have blades or other sharp objects on them that make them a safety risk for the Transportation Security Administration. If you’re planning on giving a multitool as a gift to someone this holiday season then it’s probably best to ship it directly to them if they are flying in for the holidays.

There is one caveat to this – it’s okay to check them in checked luggage. If you know your friend or family member is going to be checking a bag they can safely and legally stow the multi-tool in their checked luggage. Just make sure they know this before they head to the airport!

How often do Multitools need to be maintained?

Like any bladed implement or tool, multitools need occasional or routine maintenance. How much and how often is largely going to depend on what kind of abuse your multitool has been subjected to but in general you’ll want to make sure that the blade is sharpened, joints lubricated with a Teflon-based lubricant, and occasionally cleaned with a low viscosity oil like WD-40 that should help displace any water or moisture that has been trapped inside the joints or nooks of the tool.

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