Da Holla Back
Every hunter knows that when they go afield in pursuit of elk, they do not have the home field advantage. Pursuing a big bull in its own element can be exciting and challenging. MossBack Game Calls evens the playing field giving the elk hunter the distinct advantage of deception.

The revolutionary design of MossBack Game Calls elk calls utilizes nasal and throat passages providing the most realistic sound possible. MossBack Game Calls is proud to manufacture and supply America with the best calls an elk hunter can buy.

Da Wild Thang
For example, Da Holla Back Elk Bugle is easy to operate, and it produces a full range of calls from basic bugles and grunts, to a very loud full throttle bugle for long distance and aggressive calling. However, if you’re looking for something smaller that packs a big punch, Da Wild Thang Elk Bugle is the call for you. It offers all the same great features as the full throttle bugle, but in a smaller package, allowing for easy storage in you daypack. Just when you think, “What more can I need?” here is your answer…The Widowmaker Cow Call. This call is a must-have due to its compact structure and easy-to-operate single reed, which allows you to produce chirps, mews and estrous calls. From soft and quiet to hard and loud, this call will allow you to confidently do it all. MossBack Game Call’s diaphragms and replacement reeds also guarantee stellar performance. Each call features a simple-to-operate reed system and provides easy-to-follow instructions about how to use and replace the reeds.The amazing sounds that you can achieve with any of the MossBack Game Calls elk calls will not just give you a good elk hunt, but leave you with the elk-hunting experience of a lifetime.Go after an elk with MossBack Game Calls this season…it will be the last thing they hear!

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