Oceanside, CA – GSM, a company that delivers the latest in specialized products designed specifically with the outdoor sportsman in mind launches a new brand to the industry, Maestro Game Calls.

GSM Outdoors, along with nationally recognized expert turkey caller Paul Butski, brings a new line of quality game calls to hunters. Butski has won over 200 turkey calling championships and is respected in the industry as the “Master of the Mouth Call”.   The new Maestro full product line will include mouth calls strategically made of hygienic latex that provides superior tone quality, box calls from handcrafted woods, and tube calls for both the experience and novice turkey hunter.  A slate call which has a more subtle sound and a glass call which is handcrafted and replicates turkey raspy yelps and sharp cutts will also be part of the product line.  They will also offer grunt tubes for trophy whitetail hunters.

“GSM is always looking to build new brands in the industry and our relationship with Paul Butski brought this new idea to fruition,” states Tim Schnell, GSM Outdoors.  “Paul has been building calls in his basement for years and has been winning turkey calling contests for just as long.  The definition of Maestro is A Master of an Art and turkey calling is definitely an art.  The name tied right into Paul’s already established nickname of “Master of the Mouth Call” so it was just a natural fit.  We are proud to be bringing such a fine brand to the industry,” states Mr. Schnell.

For more information on the new Maestro Game Call line, visit gsmoutdoors.com.

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