Winner’s Choice, the world leader in modern bowstring technology has taken yet another giant leap forward for archers with their newest innovation, the new 8190 Xtreme Bowstring.

Owner Mike Slinkard made the announcement, “At Winner’s Choice we continue to set the standards for bowstrings and cables and the new 8190 Xtreme is by far our most advanced product yet. The 8190 Xtreme is made with time proven 100% Dyneema fibers like our popular 8125 material but incorporates the incredible TS90 grade Dyneema, a fiber that has never before been made available for bowstrings. Our new 8190 Xtreme utilizes the strongest synthetic fiber on earth for bowstring construction and with it comes an impressive list of additional benefits for the archer.”

8190 Xtreme Advantages:

  • 15% stronger than other bowstrings!
  • Requires less shoot in time (as few as 3 shots!)
  • Improves consistency and accuracy with every shot!
  • Patented Weatherlock weather proof technology!
  • No creep, No peep rotation, No serving separation – guaranteed!
  • Improved durability and increased string life!

Slinkard also added, “8190 Xtreme is the most advanced bowstring fiber ever introduced for the archery industry. We take a great deal of pride in knowing our technology, materials and proprietary manufacturing methods have enabled us to produce the best bowstring ever made for quality, reliability and performance. 8190 Xtreme has enabled Winner’s Choice to once again raise the bar in bowstring quality and reliability.

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