American Tackle Company will launch its new Bushido Nano Super Composite Jigging & Popping rod blanks before the end of 2011.  The line focuses on bringing the ultimate technology to the action-angling performance of technique specific rod building applications.  Although the norm in some fisheries, the Vertical Jigging and Popping style fishing has been growing in popularity worldwide and the Bushido blanks are the perfect way to allow rod builders to specialize in these markets.

The high-end Bushido blanks are designed to reduce physical weight, add sensitivity and provide increased material recovery required for prolonged battles with larger game fish. They also offer tremendous strength to weight ratios ideally suited for heavy 25 to 30 lb. plus drag settings. The quicker recovery in the material allows proper presentation to hook the fish while providing the strength to land larger fish more effectively.  All this is achieved by combining Super Nano Resins, S-Glass,  and 30 Ton Carbon material and rolling up to six different patterns as many as fourteen times under high pressure to create the ultimate action, power and durability.

These Bushido rod blanks are cosmetically appealing with a clear coated 4mil X-cross woven carbon overlay that illuminates in natural sunlight. The initial offering is comprised of eight Vertical Jigging models from 5’8″ to 6’6″ lengths ranging from 250 gram to 450 gram jig ratings. There are also three 7’6″ and two 8′ GT Popping models with 125 gram to 400 gram ratings.

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