On Monday, December 5th, The Military Channel hosted a premier of their new showTriggers at the National Rifle Association. In exchange for taking care of the guests and facilities, they provided the food, the drink, the show and the host … not too bad a deal.

The host is a guy named Wil Willis. As a former Army Ranger and Air Force Pararescueman, Wil is definitely a man who knows his way around the trigger. That’s why we decided to head up toNational Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica’s office to take a gander at Jim’s collection.

What you see Wil holding there on the left is a revolver once owned my President Teddy Roosevelt. As the story goes, Roosevelt was at Harvard to address the student body. Before stepping out on stage, emptied his pockets to make sure all was in the proper place. One thing that landed on the table was this revolver. The President of Harvard asked why he was carrying a gun. “Because if someone takes a shot at me, I’d like to be able to return the favor,” … or something close to that effect.

Like any bunch of firearms enthusiasts, the cast and crew of Triggers enjoyed their behind the scenes view of Jim’s collection. They thanked us for the evening, picked up their souvenirs (no, nothing from Jim’s office) and departed for home. It was the perfect ending to what we hope will turn into a hearty relationship with The Military Channel.

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