Fernandina Beach, FL — When it comes to choosing particular hunting, shooting or fishing brand products, nothing influences sportsmen more than their own personal experiences. Research conducted by HunterSurvey.com, ShooterSurvey.com and AnglerSurvey.com found that a whopping 78 percent of hunters and shooters and 77 percent of anglers cited “personal experience” as the number one deciding factor that affected their selection of a particular brand.

As such, it is no surprise that the second most deciding factor is brand loyalty itself, which was the second most selected factor on HunterSurvey.com (56 percent) and AnglerSurvey.com (57 percent).

“This is a clear message to companies that if they provide a product that delivers on its promises every time a sportsmen uses it, they may well have made that hunter, shooter or angler a customer for life,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys at HunterSurvey.com, ShooterSurvey.com and AnglerSurvey.com.

Ranking almost as high as brand loyalty was the suggestion from an experienced sportsman they know, meaning respected friends also hold sway over how a person views a particular product.

Where advertising and media are concerned, despite suspicion in the news that print publications, such as magazines, are on the decline in popularity and influence, participants in the surveys put them ahead of television, radio and the internet as sources of information that most influenced their buying decisions. In fact, 23 percent of hunters, shooters and anglers said magazine ads or feature articles influenced their buying decisions, just slightly ahead of 20 percent for internet articles, 12 percent for TV commercials and programs and 3 percent for internet ads.

“The value of a written article that discusses the merits of a product certainly still holds a lot of influence with today’s sportsmen,” Southwick says.

Interestingly, professional endorsements by sporting and other celebrities was only chosen by 9 percent of sportsmen as saving an impact in their purchase of a particular brand.

To help continually improve, protect and advance the shooting sports and outdoor recreation, all sportsmen and sportswomen are encouraged to participate in the surveys at HunterSurvey.com, ShooterSurvey.com and AnglerSurvey.com. Each month, participants who complete the survey are entered into a drawing for one of five $100 gift certificates to the sporting goods retailer of their choice.

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