Enter the minds of Chris and Casey Keefer as they show you how they survived 28 days in Alaska’s backcountry in the Sportsman Channel original production, Dropped: Project Alaska presented by Realtree. The Keefers were dropped in a remote part of Alaska where they had to pit their skills as hunters, woodsmen and anglers against an unforgiving landscape. Produced in conjunction with Rusted Rooster Media and InterMedia Outdoors, the original series will premiere exclusively on Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, on Tuesday, December 27 at 9 pm ET with a special, one-hour episode.

Catch a sneak peek of the show by visiting http://thesportsmanchannel.com

“The Keefers are perfect for this show – they shared the network’s desire to do something that would be truly monumental in outdoor TV.  What is a better way to do that than by creating a real-life journey of survival set amongst some of the most stunning scenery in the world?” said Greg Trager, VP of Programming and Production, Sportsman Channel.

When the Keefers were “dropped” in September, viewers were able to follow their daily progress via their satellite phone and SPOT messaging system. Their messages were posted on Sportsman’s Facebook page at http://facebook.com/SportsmanChannel and on Realtree’s page at http://facebook.com/RealtreeOutdoors

“We are using those SPOT messages and video snippets the Keefers shot themselves to provide our viewers a more rounded experience of what they didn’t see during the series,” said Trager.

The Keefers began their float with only 100 pounds of gear on each of them. They had no provisions in their backpacks – all their gear was for catching, trapping or killing their food and then preparing it.

“We are bringing our fans face-to-face with the reality of eating only what you can kill,” said Casey Keefer. “This was a true test of mind, body and soul – and you’ll see from our journals and behind-the-scenes footage we’ll share, that it was beyond anything we expected.”

As they winded their way over 110 river miles of the most perilous and game-rich country in the world, the brothers attempted to spot and stalk Caribou, Moose, Black Bear and Wolf. Plus, viewers will see these die-hard bowhunters fly fish.

“Many people will tell you their show is unlike any other – but honestly, THIS show is unlike any other. What outdoor TV producers purposely try to survive for 28 days in the wilderness?” said Chris Keefer.

“This Dropped project is one of the coolest things Realtree has ever been involved in,” said David Blanton, VP of TV/Video, Realtree. “When you’re left to fend for yourself in the middle of nowhere, that’s as real as it gets and, of course, viewers will really experience the thrill of the unknown right along with Kasey and Chris. It’s going to be fun to watch.”

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One thought on “Sportsman Channel Showcases the True Test of Survival with Dropped: Project Alaska

  1. Hah, I’m excited to watch this. I definitely want to do something similar to the Keefer brothers in the future, albeit in a different location (somewhere warmer). It’ll be interesting to see what tools they brought and how they managed. Can’t wait!

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