Raleigh, NC  The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission has adopted temporary rules that allow the trapping of feral hogs with no closed season and no bag limits.

Under the new rules, trappers must have a Commission-issued permit (available free at www.ncwildlife.org) in addition to a hunting or trapping license; feral hogs may be live-trapped using only corral or box traps, constructed in such a way that a non-target animal can be easily released or escape without harm; permit numbers must be placed on all traps; and feral swine must be euthanized while in the trap and may not be removed alive from any trap.

Self-issued permits will be available at www.ncwildlife.org after Dec. 29, when the rules go into effect.

Under previous rules, feral swine could be trapped only under a depredation permit, which requires an economic justification, threat to human safety or documented overabundance.

Permanent rules will be adopted at a later date.

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