Every November, Gainesville, Fla., comes to a halt for one special day to support the Gators football team. The University of Florida celebrates homecoming by hosting a parade through the streets of Gainesville. This event is hosted by the UF student organization Florida Blue Key. In 2010, over 95,000 spectators filled University Avenue to watch the parade. In 2011, nearly 100,000 spectators attended. This year, Easton Foundations was fortunate enough to participate in this exciting tradition.

Following UF club floats and marching bands, the Easton Foundations pulled a 32-foot trailer with a 12-foot alligator head. The float was decked out in blue and orange fringe to support the Gators. The float was also adorned with targets and banners encouraging the Gators to “shoot straight”.

The Easton Foundations staff from the Easton Newberry Sports Complex road on the back of the float wearing matching shirts and handing out fun gifts encouraging people to come out and discover archery.

The alligator was handmade by the staff at Easton Foundations and was brought to life with the imagination of Tim Monday. The entire piece was constructed from chicken wire and paper mache. The gator was chomping down on a Vanderbilt football player from the opposing team and was emerging from a swamp setting surrounded by archery targets.

“The energy of the crowd was great, and we can’t wait to come back next year,” Brandie Lovelace, director of operations, says.

For more information visit www.EastonNewberrySportsComplex.com.

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