North America – Suckering fish into striking while ice fishing during midwinter is a tireless endeavor – snow and ice are thick; light penetration low; weeds dead or dying; oxygen levels short; predator and prey both in a lethargic state of life. And contrary to popular belief, conjuring thumps during last ice can also be an irksome task. Nary is a species left that hasn’t already seen, sniffed and savored nearly every lure made. There’s no doubting fishing with livebait, especially an energetic minnow, is a great ploy during these dead-of-winter situations.

But even the heartiest of bait shop varieties have endured months of distress by season’s end. They’ve been traumatized, packed as tight as sardines in bait wells, their scales flying as they dodge scoops and wallop nose first into its walls. After suffering a season of the aforesaid, their once enthusiastic swim often turns south.

Need a tip for adding extra life to the listless livebait? Try adding a 2-inch section of Aquateko’s Knot2Kinky wire leader at the head of a hook. It works wonders no matter your quarry – even the toothless ones.

“A short section of Knot2Kinky tied onto a hook will exaggerate the movements of a minnow into looking like it’s in a state of panic, which catches the eye of nearby prey,” says Michigan guide and outdoor writer David Rose. “Think of it like a leech nipped onto a VMC Aberdeen hook. With every slither of its slimy tail, the long-shank hook swings the opposite direction, and then swings back beyond center point, widening its wobble.” Rose practices the Knot2Kiny ploy when using minnows under a tip-up or when deadsticking and bobber fishing.

The properties of Knot2Kinky nickel-titanium wire allow anglers to tie it to the eye of a hook with a perfection loop (as illustrated on the back of every package of Knot2Kinky), which permits the eye to swing freely, allowing every movement of a minnow’s body to be magnified whether hooked through its lips, tail or nipped just under the dorsal fin. The wire also stretches and recovers – similar to monofilament – and can take the shock of a strong hookset even with such a short amount of leader material tied on.

From walleye to perch, lake trout to brown trout, no matter the fish, be they toothy or toothless, if it eats minnows, a short section of Knot2Kinky ahead of the hook can add extra life to even the most listless minnow and generate more strikes when fishing on ice.

Released in early 2010, Knot2Kinky has quickly set new standards in leader wire performance—both on the ice and in fresh and saltwater. Available in 15- and 30-foot coils, in 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75 and 100-pound test, Knot2Kinky tames everything from northern pike and muskies to sharks, kingfish, barracuda and ballyhoo.

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