Air gun sectionals shot by disabled shooters have traditionally been held seperate from the sectionals for able-bodied shooters. This is about to change.

Both competitions are run exactly the same as one another according to the same rules and being held side by side will help “legitimize” one another Air Gun Coordinator, and recently-crowned Disabled Shooting Coordinator, Jessi McClain told me.

“Holding both sectionals together will help competitors from each side learn about the other,” said McClain. “Becoming better informed and acquainted with fellow competitors will help bring the air gun community closer together.”

The NRA Disabled Shooting Services Program offers services that enable thousands of Americans with physical disabilities to enjoy a variety of shooting activities, including competitive events and hunting.  A special authorization card is required to be able to shoot with a special adaptive device or from a different position, however.

The National Indoor Championships, NRA’s biggest competitive shooting matches, are coming up soon in January and are held through March (April for juniors). Contact NRA’s rifle department at if you’d like to participate in one.

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