Each year at Camp Perry, two special matches are held during the National Pistol Championships – The NRA/USA Civilian Pistol Team match and the Mayleigh Cup match. So why are we telling you the results now? Simply put, both of these competitions are team postal matches and we finally know how our team from the United States ranked against other countries.

Both competitions are International Postal Matches, with the team from the United States competing against various countries including Finland and Great Britain. In 2011, USA took first place in both competitions, with a score of 5584 for the NRA/USA Civilian Pistol Team Postal Match and a score of 2667 for the Mayleigh Cup Postal Match.

But how are competitors chosen for these specialized team postal matches? For the NRA/USA Civilian Pistol Team, the ten highest scoring civilian shooters in each class from the 2010 National Pistol Championships are selected to compete in 2011. The competitors shoot the ISSF Standard Pistol course of fire at 25 meters with .22 caliber pistols.

The Mayleigh Cup competitors are chosen based on their scores from Matches 135 (.22 Caliber Slow Fire Match) and the slow fire stage of Match 136 (.22 Caliber National Match Course). The top ten and two alternates are chosen to shoot 30 shots, slow fire, at 50 meters.

Congratulations to the competitors on both teams and to John Gordon and Bill Blankenship, who served as the Team Adjutant and Team Captain, respectively, for both events.

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