For a limited time only, Brownells and ASYM Precision Ammunition are teaming up to offer an exclusive 15% discount on ASYM’s 75-grain .223 Remington high-precision tactical load.

The ASYM .223, 75-grain Tactical OTM utilizes Hornady’s Open Tip, boattail, Match bullet. Tactical OTM cartridges are loaded in virgin Lake City brass, which has been sorted and prepped for best performance and uniformity. These rounds balance neck tension, crimp, and a cannelured bullet for proper function in semi- and full-auto platforms, as well as bolt actions.

“The ASYM Precision ammunition delivers the ultimate in reliability, match-grade accuracy, consistency and clean burn, so shooters can focus on their marksmanship and tactics,” said Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “ASYM has never given a discount before, so we’re pleased to work with ASYM to extend Brownells customers the ability to shoot this super-premium brand at a reduced price.”

ASYM, based in Durango, Colorado, meticulously manufactures its ammunition using premium components. Lot runs are closely monitored and ammunition is frequently checked for pressure, velocity, accuracy, and function in test barrels and actual firearms in real-world settings. Each cartridge is hand inspected, mechanically inspected and gauge-checked in a minimum-spec chamber.

The Tactical OTM offers extended effective range and enhanced terminal performance in the AR/M4 platform or precision bolt-action rifle. In match barrels, hits out to 600 yards and beyond are possible. Many 1-in-9-inch-twist barrels will stabilize this bullet, but ASYM recommends a barrel twist of 1-in-8 or faster. For this load, ASYM documents muzzle velocities of 2810 fps in a 24-inch test barrel, 2705 fps in a 20-inch Colt HBAR 5.56 NATO chrome-lined barrel, and 2670 fps in an 18-inch Noveske 5.56 NATO stainless barrel.

Made in the USA, the ASYM Precision Ammunition Tactical OTM load #100-008-095 ships 50 rounds to the box for $37.90.

At Brownells everything is guaranteed period! …Forever, 100%, with no restocking fees. Founded in 1939, they supply more than 50,000 firearms parts, accessories, gunsmithing tools and ammunition to armorers, gunsmiths, and shooters worldwide. Brownells provides free tech help and there’s no minimum order size or small order fees. To place an order, or for more information, call 800-741-0015 or visit and mention code PJ6.

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