Arizona’s Official Fishing Guide Arrives in Time for the New Year


Arizona’s Official Fishing Guide is hot off the presses and ready for purchase online from Arizona Highways Magazine or at Costco stores.

This “official” fishing guide for Arizona was a joint project between Arizona Highways and the Arizona Game and Fish Department. It was the first major collaboration between Arizona’s iconic magazine and the state’s renowned wildlife management agency. The book should be available soon at all Arizona Game and Fish Department offices as well.

“We didn’t expect the Fishing Guide to be delivered until late December, but luckily it beat the reindeer to Arizona and is now available,” said Rory Aikens, the book’s author.

Aikens works as a public information officer for Game and Fish. He has been producing the department’s weekly fishing report for more than two decades and is an award-winning writer/photographer for the department’s magazine, Arizona Wildlife Views.

“In a way, it’s our present to all of you — 181 fun and interesting fishing holes to visit across the state,” Aikens said, adding, “I am looking forward to fishing each and every one of them again.”

The book not only describes the lakes, the fish you can catch and the facilities you can expect, but also provides fishing tips as well.

This guide book is also cyberspace, cell phone and GPS friendly. It provides Internet contact information where possible, along with GPS coordinates for all the lakes and Internet addresses where you can obtain even more information.

“Our intent was to make it a great companion to your laptop, smart phone, regular cell phone and GPS device. But we also provided maps so you can do it the old-fashioned way – scan, read and enjoy,” Aikens said.

Aikens added that he tried to capture the unique character of each lake, stream or river in the book. “For those fisheries that I didn’t know all that well, I relied heavily on those who do, such as our regional fisheries staffs, wildlife managers, fishing guides, tackle shops, sporting goods stores, marinas, and especially anglers I met along the way.”

Aikens also received invaluable assistance from the wildlife/fisheries staffs from the Navajo, White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Apache tribes.

“I hope all of you have as much fun reading and using this book as I had writing it. Arizona is full of possible fishing adventures. With any luck, maybe I’ll see you out there,” Aikens said.

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