Oregon DFW alerts anglers to research activities in Bonneville Reservoir



Clackamas, Ore. – ODFW is asking anglers on the Bonneville Reservoir of the Columbia River to steer clear of research activities when the sturgeon retention season opens next week.

According to Tucker Jones, ODFW sturgeon research project leader, anglers may encounter one or more boats pulling gill nets and tagging and releasing sturgeon as part of a joint Oregon, Washington, and tribal stock assessment study in the reservoir.

The data collection is being done by tribal fishers under contract with ODFW.

“We hoped to be done before the retention season opens on Jan. 1,” Jones said. “However, it’s going to take a couple more weeks and we wanted to let anglers know what was going on, and to ask them to stay clear of the gill nets and boats used in the study.”

Crews will be on the water Monday through Friday until approximately Jan. 13, Jones said.

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