SPOT LLC Continues its Long-time Support for Hunter Education



Seattle, WA—SPOT LLC, makers of the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, has renewed its commitment to Hunter Education through the dedicated sponsorship of Hunter’s Handbook and The IHEA Hunter and Shooting Sports Education Journal.

Keeping hunters safe in the field through effective education in addition to its unique products is a mainstream goal for SPOT.  Not only do they support these publications and the benefits that they bring the IHEA, SPOT is also continuing their product discounts to the 70,000 volunteer Hunter Education instructors in North America.

Derek Moore of SPOT comments, “Hunter Education is necessary to help ensure that proper fundamentals and safety principles are being used when hunting.  It is extremely important to be prepared with the right skills, knowledge and gear when spending time outdoors. The International Hunter Education Association knows this best and does a great job of teaching these core principles to their students.   Additionally, choosing products like the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger can be a life-saver when unexpected emergencies happen—especially in remote areas.  SPOT is a proud supporter of these education programs.”

Hunter’s Handbook is the informational primer that all 750,000 Hunter Education students receive upon attending their Hunter Education course.  It provides students with a “how-to” guide that takes all Hunter Education students far beyond mandatory general safety guidelines and offers them additional information on everything from firearms to targets and gear as well as an added emphasis on safety in the field.

All support of the IHEA Hunter & Shooting Sports Education Journal and Hunter’s Handbook help fund the International Hunter Education Association and the future of safe and responsible hunting.

For more information on this release, please contact Leaha Wirth, Vice President of Sales at [email protected] or (206) 281-1977.

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