This Week on The Revolution with Jim & Trav: The Science Behind Food Plots


Todd Amenrud – Biologic
Can you have an influence over buck size, herd health and hunting opportunities? What if you only own 49 acres or less, can management still be effective on small acreages to produce trophy bucks? This week Todd Amenrud spells out the formula for success for trophy deer, when it comes to managing food plots, regardless of the amount of land you have! He talks about a well rounded nutritional program to feed their needs and keep them coming back for more!

David Morris – Tecomate
David Morris is well known in the world of food plot based nutritional management with Tecomate. Tecomate’s Food Plot System concept is simple: By planting the right plants in the right way, food plots can be used to grow more and bigger bucks; attract and hold deer in a specific area; and relieve pressure on the native habitat so that it actually improves … to the benefit of all wildlife species! David talks about Tecomate, when and how to plant your food plots and the benefits for both you and the wildlife!

Randy VanderVeen – Whitetail Ambush Secrets
Randy VanderVeen is a whitetail bowhunting fanatic who hunts in Michigan. He started out with a blog where he shared his experiences of creating small secluded food plots, without any power equipment. It’s popularity has surged with people wanting to know how to also improve the overall habitat for deer. With that, Randy pens some great articles on what you should be planting, when to plant them, how to go about it, and other general management practices.

Todd Graf –
When it comes to finding information about food plots, is a major player.  Todd Graf, avid bowhunter is a contributor to this information hub and he stops in to talk about the importance of summer nutrition to a buck’s overall health and he also gives a brief overview of his Food Plot Buyer’s Guide, a practical approach to planning and planting effective plots that won’t break the bank.

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