Weigh-to-Win Again in 2012


It’s simple, it’s affordable, it calms concerns about mechanical breakdowns, and it pays tournament cash bonuses. For those four reasons alone, the hundreds of anglers that signed up for BoatUS Angler and “Weigh-to-Win” in its inaugural 2011 season, can look forward to renewing and participating again this year.

That’s right, by purchasing a membership to BoatUS Angler, you get towing you can trust should you have a breakdown, plus the chance to win tournament cash bonuses when you sign up for the “Weigh-to-Win” program, all for as little as $38.

“Tournament anglers spend countless hours behind the wheel of their bass boat and tow vehicle,” said BoatUS Angler’s Steve Levi. “We’re offering a program that takes the hassles away with 24/7 dispatch assistance when either one breaks down, and gives you the chance to make some extra cash when competing in 287 professional fishing tournaments.”

Participation in BoatUS Angler’s “Weigh-to-Win” is as simple as signing up for any of the following invaluable programs. You choose which option appeals to you most.

The On-the-Road Towing package includes a BoatUS Angler membership for just $38 and is great for bass anglers concerned about breakdowns on the highway. Those who want on-the-water assistance would likely choose the On-the-Water Freshwater Towing package for $58.

Anglers that want their mind at ease, both on-the-road and on-the-water would choose the combined BoatUS Angler membership for $72.  All three offerings make you eligible to enter the “Weigh-to-Win” tournament cash bonus program at no additional cost.

Take it from guys like the BassZone.com’s Matt Pangrac who called for assistance from BoatUS after his bass boat’s trailer tire blew out on Interstate 35. Help was dispatched, the tire was replaced, and Pangrac went on to catch an 11-pound bass hours later. There’s also Bassmaster Elite Series pro Britt Myers who was stranded during practice for the Lake Wheeler Bassmaster Elite Series Event on the Tennessee River miles from the ramp with nightfall approaching, and now brags about BoatUS’ on-the-water towboat service.

Better yet, top weekend anglers like Kip Carter, Tyler Moberly and Shonn Goodwin have never needed BoatUS’ towing assistance, but have hauled home hundreds of dollars simply by being BoatUS Angler members and doing well in their respective events.

Simply said, it pays to buy a highly affordable BoatUS Angler membership – especially when you’re registered for the Weigh-to-Win cash tournament bonus program, and that’s why hundreds of anglers signed up last year. To make sure you are eligible in 2012, just dial (918) 742-6424 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST, and ask for Kendell, she’ll make sure you get signed-up. Or to learn more, please visit www.BoatUSFishing.com.

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