Carbon Express Unveils the New XT Dual Blade Broadhead for Crossbolts


Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology, innovation and precision is pleased to introduce a new broadhead designed exclusively for crossbolts and crossbow hunting, called the XT Dual Blade. Hunters seeking the latest advances and innovation in crossbolt broadheads will find the XT Dual Blade Broadhead one of the most remarkable designs in the industry.

Quality engineering and design make this broadhead a devastating weapon to big game. The XT Dual Blade features an incredibly razor-sharp 6-blade construction that produces a significantly greater wound channel than traditional broadheads. The curved cutting blade surface is built for maximum penetration and deadly results, and the backs of the main blades are sharpened for even greater damage.

Dual, side-by-side cutting blades create up to a 250% greater wound opening than traditional broadheads, which means significantly greater blood loss, a better blood trail and ultimately, a faster kill.

XT Dual Blade Crossbow Broadhead Specs:

  • Cutting diameter: 1-1/8″
  • Size: 100 grains
  • Blade Thickness: 0.058″
  • Quantity: 3 pack
  • Weight: 100 grains

“We are excited to introduce the new XT Dual Blade Broadhead to crossbow hunters,” remarked Rob Eastman, the President of Carbon Express. “With all of our Carbon Express products we’re constantly pushing to innovate around new designs and engineering technologies that will improve overall performance for the hunter and this new broadhead is no exception.  With the XT Dual Blade we’ve taken broadhead design for crossbolts to a new level.  We’re confident that this unique 6-blade design will deliver the performance serious crossbow hunters are looking for.”

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