Huntley Ritter’s Outlanders Debuts on Sportsman Channel


If you love spectacular places, the pursuit of wild game, and the unbridled joy of drawing a lottery tag for that once-in-a-lifetime hunt, you just may be an Outlander – and renowned host and producer Huntley Ritter has a brand-new show just for you. Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, is pleased to announce Huntley Ritter’s Outlanders: Limited Draw is now airing Thursday nights at 9 pm E/P.

Ritter made his mark in the outdoor TV world as host of shows like The Huntley Way and Ducks Unlimited TV, and enjoys a sterling reputation in the industry. “We’ve known Huntley for years and have been in development on this show with him for some time. We are proud he chose Sportsman Channel for his new show; the network’s core is about authenticity and Outlanders successfully encapsulates that concept,” said Greg Trager, Sportsman Channel VP of Programming and Production.

Outlanders is, quite simply, a show about real hunters hunting in real places. Through a submission process, 10 everyday hunters were selected to tell the story of their hunt over a four-day period, accompanied by a state-of-the-art film crew. The rules: fair-chase ethics must be strictly observed, and while guides are eligible to be the subject matter, no Outlanders hunter can be aided by a guide or outfitter.

And even bigger and better things are planned for the show’s second season. Viewers can access the show’s website to vote for what species will be featured in the season two. They will also be eligible to submit to a lottery-style drawing and if their ticket is pulled, they’ll get the chance to prove that they deserve to be featured on a hunt to be filmed in 2012 and aired in 2013. Viewers can also weigh in on the best episode from each season, and the episode with the highest votes will be awarded over $10,000 in prizes and gifts.

“Outlanders is an exciting new venture because it breaks down the walls between the audience and me,” said Ritter. “Finally, we will have the opportunity to have an open dialogue with the audience and let the show be their show by hunting and traveling to the places they want to see. You can buy a trophy, but not everyone can scout, harvest and bring home food for the table and a mount for the wall. Outlanders is about celebrating those authentic experiences with authentic people.”

Huntley Ritter works to live and lives to hunt. As the host of Duck’s Unlimited TV, Ritter has been in the outdoor industry producing quality outdoor shows, commercials and new media projects for Stafford Multimedia for 7 years. Ritter lives in western Montana with his wife and four horses and has a passion for wild places. The concept of living off the land echoes through everything in his life. Though Ritter has hunted all across the U.S. and Canada, he is a down-to-earth outdoorsman who cares greatly about the game he pursues and the environment in which they live. Ritter counts bowhunting for elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, caribou and moose at the top of his list for enjoyment. However, he’s also a passionate bird hunter (both upland and waterfowl) as well as avid fly-fisherman. There’s no place Ritter would rather be than in the Rocky Mountains fly-fishing for wild trout and chasing game.

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