Idaho Teachers Can Learn to get WILD About Winter


Island Park, ID – If you ask most folks they’ll say they’re not all that wild about winter, but the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) has created a workshop to help teachers get WILD About Winter, so that they can teach their students what adaptations animals have to help survive during the winter and how humans can have fun and be safe in the outdoors.  The setting for this workshop will be the snow blanketed scenery of Harriman State Park in Island Park, the first weekend of February 2012.

Winter can be a harsh time for wildlife, but teachers will learn from wildlife professionals how critters ranging from tiny brown bats to massive grizzly bears are built to cope with winter’s extreme conditions.  Because the Henrys Fork River runs through the park, participants will have a chance to observe how trumpeter swans survive and what trout do over the winter.

This workshop is a unique extension of the basic Project WILD curriculum that IDFG helped to pioneer and that has been used worldwide.  Because of the unique opportunities afforded at Harriman State Park, the workshop will run for two nights, with food & lodging included.

Since humans work and play year round, the workshop will also educate about winter safety issues such as hypothermia and avalanches.  Teachers will have a chance to experience winter recreational activities such as cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and trapping.  Because of winter conditions, teachers will need to have access to cross country skis, winter outer clothing and be in good enough condition to ski to the workshop location in the park.   Teachers interested in attending should contact IDFG Regional Conservation Gregg Losinski at 208-390-0635 to learn about registration.   The workshop cost is $125 for food, lodging, and course materials. One college credit is also available at an additional cost depending on the university.

For those teachers not interested in braving the frigid wilds or just beginning to become involved with Project WILD, a basic classroom workshop will be held in Idaho Falls on April 13 & 14.  Teachers can learn more about either workshop by visiting the IDFG website at:

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