Riverton, WY– LUCID is proud to offer a truly unique product to the market. The SNAP RACK is the NEW fire arm storage solution for vehicles.

Some times simpler is better. This is the case with the SNAP RACK. This gun rack for your car is designed to work with your vehicles post on the head rest. Once the SNAP RACK is installed on the post of the head rest in the vehicle, the firearm is positioned safely, muzzle up, with easy access behind the seat. This Patent Pending polymer hook secures the firearm with the use of high tension elastic and gravity does the rest. Truly a simple design

The firearm is neetly consealed inside the vehicle and held extreamly secure. So, secure, I have personally been attempting to get infront of a running Coyote and became (ALL 4 Wheels off the ground) at the intersection of the two track, my AR never moved from it’s position in the SNAP RACK. Everything else in the truck shifted, but not my firearm.

Proudly made in the U.S.A The SNAP RACK is a solution that makes the balance of easy firearm access and proper security, safe storage for firearms in a vehicle a long over due reality.

LUCID will be showcasing the SNAP RACK at the 2012 Shot Show (Booth# 1727). If you are attending come by and take a look at a truly LUCID view.

To see the snap rack in action visit and view the video.

For more information on LUCID Products;

Please call LUCID and speak to Jason Wilson,

(307) 840-2160 or visit

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