WWE Legend Shawn Michaels Continues to Intimidate With Carbon Express


Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation has renewed its strategic partnership with the hit television show MacMillan River Adventures team and hosts, WWE legend Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark.

“After a successful season with Team Carbon Express, I look forward to another incredible year with my ultimate weapon of choice – the Carbon Express Covert XB crossbow and sporting a quiver full of high performance Carbon Express arrows,” stated Shawn.

Shawn prefers the Carbon Express Covert XB crossbow because it delivers maximum speed and power for superior penetration. The sleek crossbow provides hunters the ultimate experience in custom comfort and performance. Viewers will be able to witness an incredible season of heart pounding action as both Shawn and Keith arm themselves with innovative Carbon Express products.

“We are very pleased to continue the MacMillan River Adventures partnership,” remarked Rob Eastman, the President of Carbon Express. “Shawn and Keith each bring a unique dynamic to the industry that is memorable and entertaining.”

About MacMillan River Adventures hosted by Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark MacMillan River Adventures with Shawn Michaels, amps up for its second season on the Outdoor Channel in July of 2012. Hosts Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark look to take viewers on some of the most adventurous hunts ever witnessed on outdoor television. Their energy is unmatched as they promise to make this year of MacMillan River Adventures a season to remember with the help of the explosive line of products from Carbon Express.

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