Zombie Blaster Ammo Now Available


Adelphia, NJ – Lightfield Ammunition Corporation, the industry leader in big game hunting slug munitions, has announced the launch of a new line of Zombie ammunition. The new line is a non-projectile mega blank round called Zombie Blaster Ammo and will make its American debut at this years SHOT Show. The Zombie Blaster is intended for close encounter combat with a Zombie (or several when the apocalypse happens). Don’t let the non projectile mega blank fool you, the new ammo packs a huge muzzle flash along with such an intense concussion punch it will deafen, blind and then knock the brains right out of a Zombie… guaranteed!

“There is truly nothing like it on the market today” stated Brian Smith, National Director of Marketing and Sales for Lightfield. The Zombie Blaster Ammo is intense and just a ton of fun to shoot. “I took the new round out to the range with a Zombie Industries bleeding target. What happened next I could hardly believe, it took the head completely off the target” Continued Brian. How cool is that?!

“These rounds have also been tested by the Lightfield Law Enforcement division and we have found that the concussion is great enough to breach doors and knock out windows from automobiles” added Neil Keegstra, Director of Less Lethal Research (LLR) at Lightfield. “The muzzle flash and subsequent blast stands above and exceeds anything else we’ve ever seen on the market.” So, not only will you be able to kill a zombie, you will also be able to flush them out of hiding – all with one round.

No Zombie “bug out bag” should be with out it. Get ready for the apocalypse by purchasing some of these shells and practicing on Zombie targets at the shooting range. The Zombie Blaster comes in blister packs of 5 rounds in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 and is available right now at www.LITFLD.com for immediate shipping (soon to be available in retailers everywhere).

The Zombie Blaster Ammo is intended for Zombies only and should never be aimed or pointed at any human or animal. Lightfield wishes to also remind potential users please do not deploy this ammunition in close proximity of dogs as it will cause serious damage to their hearing.

Log onto www.LITFLD.com to view the Zombie Blaster Ammo in use. Contact: Neil Keegstra 1-800-490-1930 for information. See Lightfield Ammunition Corporation at SHOT Jan 17 – 20 in Booth #2104 and #10873

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