Cody Robbins Bags Non-Typical Mule Deer World Record



See it at the ATA Show in the Stealth Cam Booth, #339

Hunter and television host of Live2Hunt, Cody Robbins, bags new non-typical mule deer world record the third day of the Saskatchewan archery season on September 3, 2011.

Cody Robbins, who is sponsored by Stealth Cam has hunted this buck since 2010, rarely seeing it. He then located the buck in July, 2011 and scouted him daily leading up to the open of the season, finding him on more than 40 scouting days leading up to the season. Cody spotted the deer opening day but the buck busted him and his cameraman as Cody was preparing to draw. Day 2 of the hunt was a bust as Cody failed to find the deer. Then Day 3 was the game changer when Cody located him and made a 22-yard shot after a long stalk. “The Live2Hunt Buck” has double drop tines and was officially scored by three Pope and Young scorers at 288, more than 13 inches larger than the current non-typical mule deer world record.

Cody will be appearing with his trophy mule deer at the Stealth Cam booth #339 each day during the ATA convention. Live2Hunt comes to the Outdoor Channel beginning July, 2012 and the hunt for this magnificent buck will be featured during Season 1 on Outdoor Channel.

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