Moon Shine Attitude Attire Fuses with Powder Cote II, Inc.


Moon Shine, LP, a premium designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire, announces a new partnership with Powder Cote II, Inc., a leader in applications coatings and decorating of high-volume 3-dimensional parts and components. Powder Cote II is poised to take 3-Dimensional decorating of the Moon Shine Attitude Attire collection, including the extremely popular Muddy Girl Camouflage to a whole new level.

“Our Research & Development and Sales Departments have been working together to develop a gamut of coatings and techniques in order to zero-in on the product markets available for this process. This is why we decided to partner with Moon Shine, LP.” stated Eric Trott, President and CEO of Powder Cote II. “Our markets are amplified by printing and decorating of Moon Shine’s market-appealing patterns.”

“Powder Cote II is excited to partner with Moon Shine” stated Michael Coon, Vice President of Operations for Powder Cote II. “Our manufacturing partners are always looking for something new, and we see the Moon Shine patterns filling that need. They have some fresh, edgy patterns that speak to not only the next generation of hunting enthusiasts, but in many other trend-setting markets as well. We have already had considerable interest in their patterns, especially the new Muddy Girl Camouflage pattern.”

Powder Cote II has 7 plants in Southeastern Michigan and 2 plants in Knoxville, Tennessee and is headquartered in Mount Clemens, Michigan. Powder Cote II will be decorating various components and assemblies worldwide with all three of the Moon Shine patterns, Outshine Camouflage, Harvest Moon Camouflage, and Muddy Girl Camouflage.

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