Another Record Year for RMEF Membership



Membership in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has swelled to an all-time high of 184,135.

That total, posted at the end of December, is 6,135 members more than year-end 2010.

It is the fourth straight year that RMEF has set a new membership record.

“We’re grateful for the growth,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “I think it’s a strong endorsement that RMEF is becoming more and more relevant in the variety of issues important to elk hunters today.”

He explained, “Elk country is more than a pretty landscape. It represents a lifestyle. And when an elk hunter’s way of life is threatened–as it is now with habitat loss, overgrown forests, too many predators, hunting access problems and more–you can bet they’ll find a way to respond. RMEF gives them a way to fight back, while enjoying the fellowship of other elk hunters from around the nation.”

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