MOJO Outdoors TV Presents “Colorado Coyotes Coming to the Call”


Be sure to catch MOJO’s predator calling series, “Coming to the Call” which features Mr. Predator himself, Byron South, as he joins professional hunter and long time TV Host, Terry Denmon, for many enjoyable and informative predator calling hunts.

While they hunt the common predators including bobcat, coyote, and fox in their backyards in East Texas and North Louisiana, they also travel the world and bring exciting and unusual hunts into your home. They have hunted many of the lower 48 states plus Canada, Alaska, Africa, and South America, calling some unusual predators, such as leopard, jackal, hyena, black and grizzly bear, wolf, javelina, and raccoon.

Byron is one of the true icons of predator calling and the viewer can learn much from him.

This week’s episode features Mr. Predator, Byron South as he heads up to Colorado to join up with two of MOJO’s pro staff members, Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst for a November hunt that will be one to remember. Lance and Uriah make up Team Bucking The Odds and have to be some of the best coyote hunters in Colorado and are known by many for their hunts seen on YouTube and Facebook.

The episode airs Tuesday at 11:00 A.M. Eastern Time on the Sportsman Channel. The episode will continue to air throughout the week on the Sportsman Channel (Thursday 4:30 P.M. EST and Saturday 3:30 P.M. EST) as well as Wild TV. Be sure to check your local listing for more accurate air times.

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