Jerry Miculek and Family on Impossible Shots


The Family That Shoots Together
It’s a family affair on the range for the Miculeks, but can the women in Jerry’s life out shoot him? How does Jerry do up against the ladies? It’s family fun, with daughter Lena and wife Kay, as we find out if they can beat the champ. We call it, the family that shoots together stays together. Plus, Patrick Flanigan shooting from the hip, with a twist, as he describes himself as “abnormal”.

Shooting USA – The IDPA Indoor Nationals – The IDPA Experience
We’re at Smith & Wesson’s state of the art indoor ranges for the National Championships in the sport that grew out of concealed carry training. The International Defensive Pistol Association challenges shooters with real-world scenarios and targets with bad guys and hostages. The annual Indoor Championships awards titles in five gun classifications, that are highly prized by the top shooters and the manufacturers who sponsor their competition. Plus, Jim, John, and Mike shoot the match as their first IDPA experience. You’ll see how they did beginning their IDPA competition with the toughest stage challenges of the year.

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