Kansas DWPT Commission Awards Big Game Permits



Salina, KA — Seven Kansas conservation organizations were awarded 2012 Commission Big Game permits in a drawing conducted at the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission meeting Jan. 5 at Kansas Wesleyan University’s Hauptli Student Center Salina. Ninety-eight eligible applications were submitted for the seven available permits, which could include deer permits, one elk permit, and one antelope permit.

Winners of the permits include the following:

  • National Wild Turkey Federation, (NWTF), Hays (elk permit) — Jared McJunkin, west conservation field supervisor, [email protected], 785-396-4552;
  • Ducks Unlimited (DU), Wichita Chapter No. 017 (antelope permit) — Roger Zettl, district chairman, [email protected], 316-722-0951;
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), Greater Wichita Chapter (deer permit) — Steve Bell, Kansas volunteer chair, [email protected], 316-648-1993;
  • Friends of the NRA, Pratt County No. KS-40 (deer permit) — Rick Chrisman, field representative, [email protected], 913-294-9956;
  • DU Topeka (deer permit) — Jeff Neal, district chairman, [email protected], 785-221-6625;
  • NWTF Iola (deer permit) — Jared McJunkin, west conservation field supervisor,[email protected], 785-396-4552; and
  • Friends of the NRA, McPherson County No. KS-38 (deer permit) — Rick Chrisman, field representative, [email protected], 913-294-9956.

Qualified applicants must be local nonprofit conservation organizations or Kansas chapters of national organizations based or operating in Kansas that actively promote wildlife conservation and the hunting and fishing heritage.

Commission Big Game permits were first awarded in 2006. Winners purchase the permits and typically auction them at their respective conventions and banquets to raise funds for conservation projects. After a permit is sold by an organization, the amount of the permit is subtracted, and 85 percent of the proceeds are sent to KDWPT to be used on approved projects. After the projects are approved, the money is sent back to the organization for the project. The other 15 percent may be spent at the organization’s discretion.

KDWPT regulations allow someone who buys a Commission Big Game permit at auction to also purchase another deer permit valid for an antlered deer or, if the Commission Big Game permit is for an elk, to also draw (or have drawn in the past) an antlered elk permit. These would be the only situations in which an individual could have valid permits for two antlered deer in one year, or to have previously drawn an antlered elk permit and still be able to obtain another one. One antelope and one elk Commission Big Game permit are offered in the drawing.

In 2011, permits were won by two National Wild Turkey Federation Chapters — McPherson Smoky Valley Strutters Chapter (deer permit sold for $6,000) and St. Paul Neosho River Struttin’ Toms Chapter (deer permit sold for $6,500); two Ducks Unlimited Chapters — El Dorado Chapter No. 027 (deer permit sold for $6,000) and Johnson County Chapter (deer permit sold for $5,000); two Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams chapters — I-70 Chapter (deer permit sold for $4,000) and Southeast Chapter (elk permit sold for $9,100); and the Safari Club International Kansas City Chapter (deer permit sold for $5,100). The permits sold for $41,700, providing $32,320 for state habitat projects.

The Commission also listened to discussion about potential changes in the wildlife rehabilitator regulations, including a staff decision to no longer permit outdoor holding facilities located within city limits and primarily in residential areas. Potential regulation changes to reduce user conflict on public lands were discussed and included use of treestands and ground blinds, decoys, baiting, and commercial guiding. Discussion about potentially allowing hunters 16 and younger and those 55 and older to hunt with crossbows during the archery carried over to the evening session.

The only items discussed during the public hearing session included Secretary’s Orders to approve 2012 Free Fishing Days for June 2 and 3, and setting Free Park Entrance Days for all Kansas state parks. The approved resolution allows all parks to have an Open House with free entrance on March 31. Each park then selected an individual Free Entrance Day that coincided with a special event held at the park. For a complete list of Free Park Entrance Days, visit www.kdpwt.state.ks.us.

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