MG Industries Unveils .308 Hydra Modular Rifle and .308 Conversion Kit


MG Industries is proud to announce the long anticipated .308 caliber in either the ultimate modular Hydra Rifle system or as a Conversion Package for current Hydra owners. Now all the stopping power and performance of this popular caliber for long-distance shooting is available on the only completely modular and interchangeable AR15 platform in the world – the Hydra Modular Rifle System. The .308 Hydra comes standard with an 18-inch MGI Quick-Change Barrel and QCB upper receiver with the MGI modular lower receiver. The barrel features a 1:10 twist and the Hydra .308 weighs less than 8-lbs.

The suggested retail for the MGI .308 Hydra Modular Rifle is $1,795.00 and the .308 Conversion Package is $749.00. For more information, visit or your local retailer.

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