NAFA Treaty Sale of Muskrat Exceeds Expectation



NAFA held a Private Treaty Sale over this past weekend which included nearly 100,000 fresh Muskrats as well as a selected offering of Coyotes, Beaver and Raccoon.

Muskrats sold 100% at very high prices with Section I averaging $9.03. The better qualities were sold in line with our record-breaking May 2011 sale.

Coyotes sold 100% at increased prices with a limited collection trimming coyote averaging $70.47, reflecting very strong demand from the North American trim trade.

Beavers sold 100% at sharply increased prices, reflecting a better understanding of this article from China, which now recognizes it is priced very attractively in either square centimeters or square inches. Overall Eastern larger sizes averaged $41.17 with Westerns at $37.03.

The limited offering of Raccoon was not large enough to attract sufficient buying power and was mostly withdrawn. To achieve success, this article needs a larger attendance and more participation from major overseas markets, which will be well represented in our February auction.

NAFA’s senior management is currently travelling to the major international markets and we are expecting a very large attendance for our February sale.

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