X-PRESS Introduces its Revolutionary New Pro Model at ATA


Archery shop professionals know the extreme importance of using an efficient and safe bow press. X-PRESS has introduced its revolutionary new Pro Model, which is designed to work on all bows and crossbows, including those with parallel limbs.

The X-PRESS Pro Model’s easy arm adjustment with Easy Slide technology allows for fast and easy transition from bow to bow. The unique red press wheels easily adjust with the Quick Spin design to fit any bow limb. The X-PRESS Pro eliminates the “inching” commonly experienced with other presses and parallel-limb bows. Gear-driven riser support adjustment allows the compression of bow limbs in a natural arc, reducing stress on the bow riser.

With the X-PRESS Pro, there is no timing adjustment required. The Safety Lock System hold bows securely in place during the adjustment process, while thepadded shelves support the bow’s risers. The X-PRESS Pro is a fully self-contained press that does not require added accessories.

The X-PRESS Pro Model is available at retailers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $1,199.99.

For detailed information on the X-PRESS Pro and the other X-PRESS products, visit the website atwww.xpressbowpress.com or call 715-395-9955.

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