Dozens of Waters in Utah Provide Good Ice Fishing Action



You have warm clothes and waterproof boots.  Your ice fishing equipment is ready to go.  And you have a basic idea of how to locate fish and catch them through the ice.

So what’s standing between you and a great ice fishing experience this winter?

Maybe only one thing:  Knowing which waters inUtahto fish.

Fortunately, dozens of waters acrossUtahprovide good ice fishing year after year.

“In my opinion,Utahhas some of the best ice fishing in the country,” says Drew Cushing, warm water sport fisheries coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources.

Cushing has fished through the ice in states across the country.

“Utahprovides a wider variety of fish to catch than any place I know of,” he says.  “And many of these opportunities are probably close to your home.”

Cushing gave Utah County as an example.  If you live in the county, you can fish for white bass at Utah Lake in the morning, and then turn around and head to Strawberry Reservoir to catch trophy-sized cutthroat trout in the afternoon; all in the same day!

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