Dungeness Crab Season Opens Jan.15 on Oregon’s Southern Coast


Commercial and sport Dungeness crabbing opens Jan. 15 from Gold Beach south, making all of the ocean off Oregon now open to crabbing.

The ocean commercial Dungeness crab season in Oregon normally opens Dec. 1, but was delayed this year because crab did not meet minimum pre-season quality testing. Fishery managers made the decision in December to delay the season from about Gold Beach (42°26’00” N. Lat.) south to the California border until Jan. 15.

The testing measures the percentage of meat in the crab, by weight. Fishery managers can delay the season to allow the crab to fill with meat and ensure a high-quality product to consumers.

Commercial crabbers are allowed to set their gear three days before the season opens, so ocean watchers on the southern coast will see the lights of crab boats as early as Thursday (Jan. 12). Sport crabbing is open year-round in bays and estuaries.

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