New MINOX DTC 600 Trail Camera Features Black IR-Filter to Make it Invisible to Wildlife


Breaking new ground in their growing family of wildlife cameras, MINOX has introduced the innovative DTC 600 Trail Camera, with a black IR-filter in front of the flash to make it completely invisible to wildlife. Also invisible to humans, it’s an ideal tool for protecting property and for personal safety.

An integrated IR-sensor provides greater flexibility and new  efficiency while documenting activity, with 8 megapixel resolution, so it produces sharp color images (daytime) and black-and-white at night.  Also, the IR-sensor can be adjusted to exclude the recording of unwanted movements caused by twigs, grasses or other irrelevant objects. With a powerful IR-flash range of more than 50 feet, it delivers pin-sharp images even in low-light conditions, and it has an extremely short shutter lag of just over one second.

In keeping with MINOX tradition, this new wildlife camera delivers the highest precision performance in the smallest possible space.  Only 6”x4.4”x2.5”, and weighing only 13 oz., it offers such key features as an integrated 2” true-color TFT monitor. It also has video capability, up to 30 seconds, to capture the movements of animals in the wild.

With a battery life over six months, it’s a reliable performer in the field, protected by its rugged, water-resistant housing, which also prevents penetration of dust, cold and heat. It comes with a secure mounting strap and for security, it is password protected and lockable. It will retail for $249.

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