New Universal Sight Light from Sight Light


When the light is waning and the pins on your bow sight don’t seem quite bright enough to take your shot, it is time to turn on the new IQ Universal Sight Light from IQ Bowsights. With its adjustable rheostat control, pin-brightness levels are always up to you. Adjusting the IQ Universal Sight Light to changing hunting conditions not only will significantly lower pin glare at the moments of dawn and dusk of legal shooting hours, but it will also increase your confidence in the shot.

Sealed electronics protect the IQ Universal Sight Light against cold and damp hunting conditions, while keeping it available through a simple finger twist when you most need it. The new IQ Universal Sight Lightfeatures a night-vision preserving LED light that includes adaptors to fit 1/4-28, 3/8-32, 3/8-36 and 7/16-20 threads and works with either right- or left-hand models. Batteries and a mounting block for the IQ Bowsight are included.

The IQ Universal Sight Light will be available at retailers nationwide in January 2012, and it will retail for $24.99. Please adhere to all local or state regulations regarding the use of electronic illumination devices while hunting.

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