Secure Firearm Products Debuts New Products for 2012


The SFP Mover

The SFP Mover is constructed of zinc plated steel, aluminum, and high quality hardware which makes the SFP Mover last a lifetime. It has 2 steel uprights with folding legs for easy transportation and stability. An economy model uses your own 2 x 4 uprights attached to our new target base. The motor is attached to the upright and a line is used to pull the trolley with target along the cable. A hand held controller is used to start and stop the mover and our built in programing allows precise control of the direction and speed of the target.

The SFP Mover can be triggered with the controller or can be set up to be started with a remote target, ie popper or step on mechanism. Multiple targets can be attached to the cable to be passed by multiple windows for varied shooting scenarios.

The SFP Moving Target is unique in that it is portable because it can be set up by 1 person and in remote locations using a 12vDC power source or battery. The SFP Mover target can be programed for various scenarios such as running at a constant speed or the target can be varied to speed up or slow down during the run. The distance of the run can also be programed and is only limited by the length of cable used.

The SFP Mover is a more affordable moving target system for shooters who want to shoot a moving target, or hone their shooting skills on a moving target. The SFP Mover is perfect for competition shooters, law enforcement training, military training, ISSF running boar, NRA Action Pistol moving target event, USPSA, IPSC, and ICORE matches, as well as field archery courses.

Economy Plate Stand

The SFP Economy Plate Stand is the perfect stand for practicing or running a steel challenge type match. This stand can be used for any shooting discipline that does not require a falling target. The stands can also be set up for simulating the center area of a D1 or AP1 target for practicing ICORE, IDPA, Ruger Rimfire or NRA Action Pistol matches. Built with the same high quality and features as our standard plate stands (plates are interchangeable) the economy model is designed to be used with a 2 x 4 instead of steel upright. This saves you shipping costs as well as upright replacement in case of damage. The target still has folding legs as our standard target so it is just as portable.

All In One 1911 Firing Pin Stop Tool & Bushing Wrench

This tool SAFELY removes and installs the 1911 Firing Pin Stop, and as and added bonus is a handy Bushing Wrench. While removing the Firing Pin Stop, this tool Safely depresses the firing pin and pulls the firing pin stop from the slide. When used for installing the Firing Pin Stop, the tool Safely depresses the firing pin and pushes the firing pin stop back into the slide. Constructed of high density nylon or aluminum and made in the USA. Best little tool in the gun shop or gun bag.

Handgun Recoil Spring Tester

Save time and money by testing and organizing all those loose recoil springs in your gun shop or tool kit. The SFP Recoil Spring Tester is an affordable Recoil Spring Tester constructed of high density nylon and made in the USA. Can be purchased with our without a scale.

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