“Goin’ Mobile”


With 60,000 people headed to Las Vegas—each eagerly awaiting a 10-mile hike per day to see everything new in firearms and related gear at SHOT Show 2012— has lightened their load by launching a version fully compatible with mobile devices. All content, including the site’s extensive video library, can now be viewed with ease and comfort on your iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet computer, iPod or Blackberry.

“SHOT Show attendees can review everything our crack team of editors uncover at the event, instantly and conveniently on a mobile device,” said Editor in Chief Guy J. Sagi. “Visitors can simply determine the best destinations to hit first by viewing or photos, videos and reports, instead of resigning themselves to a traditional and laborious grid search down the crowded aisles.” is updated daily and features videos, articles and blogs tailored to the defensive-minded citizen.

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