American Brewers Turning to Liberty Bottleworks for Unique, Environmentally Friendly Bottling


 Microbreweries from coast-to-coast are looking to Yakima, Wash.-based Liberty Bottleworks for a new way to sell their suds, whether as conveniently sized, durable mini growlers or special packaging for limited edition brews and events.

In the last six months, more than two dozen breweries across the country have partnered with Liberty to create customized bottles, including Dogfish Head, Austin Beerworks, Left Hand Brewing, Black Star Brewing and, most recently, one of the largest microbreweries in the country, Boulevard Brewing.

“We’re passionate about our product and the way we produce it and we’re passionate about good beer; it’s really our ideal match,” said Liberty Bottleworks Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Ryan Clark. “Working with these great breweries is incredible for us because it connects us to people who are invested in their art and invested in the value of American craftsmanship the same way we are.”

Made entirely of recycled aluminum and 100 percent BPA-free inside and out, Liberty bottles are made from start to finish in America on American-made machinery.

“Dogfish Head strives to support American based companies as well as companies with sustainable products and practices as often as possible,” said Delaware-based Dogfish Head Brewery’s Lindsey Falkowski. “Being in the business of hand crafted beer makes you really appreciate the hard work other US-based companies do.”

The 24 or 32-oz. sizes provide a middle ground between a bottle or can and a full-size half-gallon growler, plus offer much improved portability and durability over traditional, heavy glass growlers.

“We learned of Liberty while looking for an alternative to glass growlers, which can break easily and allow light to degrade the quality of the beer inside,” said Michael Graham, co-founder of Austin Beerworks in Austin, Texas. “Liberty makes the perfect container for craft beer, and our customers seem to like the bottles as much as we do.  We completely sold out of our initial order in a week and we get emails every day asking when we’ll have more available.”

The company’s patent-pending quarter-turn cap creates a solid seal that guarantees beer maintains its carbonation and flavor precisely as the brewer intended and a flexible food-grade coating resists bacteria and lingering flavors when the bottle is reused. Liberty’s tapered shape, inspired by wine bottles, allows easy pouring and its durable printing process resists chips and scratches.

“We’ve always wanted our own custom Ska Brewing bottles and we need to take into consideration what’s best for our customers as well as our environment when we make supplier decisions,” said Dave Thibodeau, president of Durango, Colo.’s Ska Brewing Company. “Everything came together when we found Liberty; 100% recycled aluminum, BPA free materials, made here in the U.S. and sweet embossed graphics!”

Liberty Bottleworks uses a one-of-a-kind cylindrical digital printing process to print custom artwork for each with unlimited branding opportunities, whether it’s a simple logo or elaborate custom artwork for a special beer or event.

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