Gear Aid Launches Rank Away Odor Eliminator for Toe Shoes and Minimalist Footwear



New Odor Eliminator by Gear Aid Gets the “Rank Away” from Toe Shoes and Other Minimalist Footwear

Bellingham, WA – Gear Aid, the gear repair and maintenance brand by McNett, announces availability of a new odor eliminator. Specially formulated for toe shoes and other minimalist footwear, Rank Away is a safe and effective solution designed to treat, not mask, odors.

Rank Away is an all-natural enzyme-based formula armed with powerful anti-fungal agents. It’s designed to break-up and attack odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungus in smelly shoes. Proven effective on Vibram FiveFingers, outdoor sandals, climbing shoes and more, Rank Away’s concentrated, biodegradable formula is safe on all mesh, canvas and neoprene footwear.

“It’s no secret that toe shoe wearers experience a high level of foot funk,” said David Wiggs, marketing vice president at McNett. “I wear mine several times a week and they stink! While they can be washed, this does not always translate to complete odor removal.”

To combat smelly shoes, Gear Aid has launched Rank Away odor eliminator. The highly concentrated soak eliminates severe odors associated with funky footwear. Rank Away can also be used as a convenient spray-on application for routine maintenance.

One product tester commented, “I am extremely satisfied with the product and will continue to use it for all my regular upkeep. My Vibram’s are smell free after 3 months of regular use, and with Rank Away I plan to keep them that way.”

Rank Away will begin hitting stores shelves in January 2012. For more information on Rank Away odor eliminator by Gear Aid, visit and begin attacking the infamous toe shoe stench.

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