Maine Warden Service Rescues Man in Machiasport


The Maine Warden Service was called to Howard’s Cove in Machiasport to locate a local man who was lost in the woods. Shortly before 5:00 pm, Levi Moores called 911. He told the Department of Public Safety Dispatchers in Orono that he was lost and needed help. He advised them that he has lost his coat and shoes.

Dispatchers used GPS information from Moores’ cell phone to advise the Maine Warden Service approximately where he was located. There were no roads near Moores’ location. He was half way between Jasper’s Beach and the Pettigrow Point Road.

The GPS coordinates indicated that Moores should be in the woods on the west side of the cove. Local volunteers and Warden McBrine located Levi Moores and he we was hypothermic. The Machias Ambulance transported Moores to Downeast Community Hospital in Machias. It was determined that his body temperature was 83F when met by the ambulance.

“This is a good chance to remind people to call 911 on their cell phone during an emergency so we can know their location.” said Warden McBrine.

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