California Anglers Reminded to Mail in Sturgeon, Abalone, Spiny Lobster, Salmon Report Cards in January


The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) reminds anglers they are required to return their 2011 Fishing Report and Restoration Cards by Jan. 31. Information collected from report cards provides DFG with data to monitor and manage California’s diverse recreational fisheries.

Report cards are due for sturgeon, abalone, spiny lobster and north coast salmon fisheries, as well as the steelhead fishery. Information specific to the steelhead report cards can be found in DFG’s Dec. 23 news release at Please note that although steelhead report card information can now be submitted online, DFG still requires salmon, sturgeon, lobster and abalone cards to be returned via mail or in person at a DFG counter.

Anglers are requested to review their cards carefully and complete the information as accurately as possible. More information about report cards can be found at (see “Validations and Report Cards”).
The cards can be dropped off at any DFG license sales office (see list at or mailed to the following address:
Sturgeon Report Cards should be mailed to:
DFG – Sturgeon Report Card
P.O. Box 944209
Sacramento, CA  94244-2090
Abalone Report Cards should be mailed to:
DFG – Abalone Report Card
32330 N. Harbor Dr.
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Lobster Report Cards should be mailed to:
DFG – Lobster Report Card
3883 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123
North Coast Salmon Report Cards should be mailed to:
DFG – Klamath River Project
5341 Ericson Way
Arcata, CA  95521-9269
You are required to report even if you lost your report card or you did not fish. If you did not fish, write “did not fish” across your report card and return it to the address specified.  If you lost your report card, write a note to DFG explaining the loss. Include your name, address, telephone number, GO ID (from your sport fishing license or report card) and to the best of your recollection, your harvest/catch effort information that was on your report card.
Please note that license sales agents cannot accept report cards.
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