Commando HP, Brenda Valentine Team up for Sweet Talk Pot Call


One naturally assumes the First Lady always gets her way. However, when Turkey Hunting Hall of Famer, Brenda Valentine, the First Lady of Hunting, goes into the woods in pursuit of an old boss gobbler she assumes nothing and leaves nothing to chance. To level the playing field and to put the odds in her favor, Brenda takes her signature Sweet Talk Pot Call and Sweet Strike Striker from Commando Hunting Products.

The two-sided Sweet Talk Friction Call is produced from No.1 select hard maple. The density and tight grain of the hard maple allows the Sweet Talk to emit a high-pitched raspy sound with very little effort. Flip the Sweet Talk over and the bottom sound board doubles as an additional striking surface that emits a deeper tone that is perfect for soft calling. The one-piece purple heart flare tip striker produces a break over yelp with ease and will make purrs, putts and clucks that are worthy of any champion caller. Despite its slightly scaled down diameter for a better grip with smaller hands, plus fitting better in vest pockets, the call remains full featured and gives up nothing in way of performance or effectiveness. The Sweet Talk friction call was designed by Brenda Valentine and is on a state-of-the art three dimensional CNC machining center. The repeatability of the manufacturing process enables each and every Sweet Talk friction call to produce championship sound quality.

“Commando Hunting Products is honored and truly humbled to work with Brenda Valentine. Her reputation and consistent leadership in the hunting industry and desire to mentor and introduce new hunters to the sport is nothing new. When you combine all these qualities with her skill and talent as a hunter and television personality it is no wonder she is known as the First Lady of Hunting,” says Matt Burtin, Commando’s co-owner and vice president.

Brenda Valentine adds, “Maintaining my reputation in the outdoor industry is very important to me and I have always been careful about allowing my name to be used as an endorsement for any product. I wanted a versatile call capable of producing a multitude of realistic sounds. The combination of glass and slate in one call does just that. This is the first signature series call I ever been confident in enough to add my name to. Commando Hunting Products has earned my respect and a place in my turkey vest”

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