Native Eyewear Launches New Odyssey Series



Native Eyewear is launching the new Odyssey Series sunglasses featuring five new styles, new N3 lens technology and co-injected molding frames in addition to the core Native features: venting, polarization and interchangeable lenses.

“This new series addresses the needs of our enthusiasts, athletes and those involved in our core sports,” says Jax Mariash, Director of Marketing. “The new N3 lens technology is truly innovative and goes beyond what Native has ever done. We are moving into the next level of performance and style, without a doubt.”

The Odyssey Series share a common feature set in 5 styles:

N3™ lens technology: these are the most innovative and advanced polarized lens on the market, passing the Z87.1 testing that give them the same rating as a safety glass and feature up to 40% IR reduction, UV protection up to 400nm and state-of-the-art blue light filtering. The N3 lenses have acuity enhancement that have been precisely engineered to filter the blue light and minimize haze so you get greater clarity, color and contrast.

Co-injection molded frames: better fit and traction on the face in wetter conditions, seamlessly incorporates grippy comfortable molding right into the plastic.

Updated side venting:  Native Eyewear utilizes venting in order to keep lenses fog-free during high-output activities. In some of the styles within the Odyssey Series an updated side venting system creates optimal fit and airflow.

The Odyssey Series debuts at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market at the Native Eyewear booth #24041 with and delivers to retail in early February 2012. To celebrate, Native will have free beer, live music and drawings from 4-6pm on Friday January 20th at their booth.

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