BoatUS Angler Will Assist Competitors in Need During Bassmaster Opens



Traveling thousands of miles each year on the road and making it to the weigh-in at the end of a tournament day are “givens” for today’s successful pro angler. But roadside breakdowns and on-the-water troubles can threaten a winning paycheck. To provide insurance against such setbacks, BoatUS Angler, which has provided both roadside and on-the-water assistance to boat and rig owners for nearly 20 years, has signed a sponsorship agreement with B.A.S.S. to be the Official Towing Service of the 2012 Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Open Series.

“On more than one occasion last year, we saw firsthand the value of BoatUS Angler being able to provide much-needed assistance to our anglers during competition,” said B.A.S.S. Senior Tournament Manager Chris Bowes. “Entering a formal agreement to have BoatUS Angler towboats officially available to all Open competitors is a very logical relationship,” Bowes explained. “It’s a reassuring benefit to our anglers, as well as the B.A.S.S. staff who, first and foremost, want to see all of our competitors return safely to the dock each afternoon.”

BoatUS Angler is the fishing division membership from the nation’s largest association of recreational boaters. They offer boat-owning fishermen services such as on-the-water breakdown and towing assistance provided by the largest fleet of towboats in North America, as well as roadside boat trailer and tow vehicle assistance through 20,000 specialized towing companies.

“Tournament anglers spend countless hours behind the wheels of their bass boats and tow vehicles,” said BoatUS Angler’s Steve Levi. “We’re offering a program that takes the hassles away with 24/7 dispatch assistance when either one breaks down, and gives you the chance with our Weigh-to-Win incentive program to make some extra cash when competing in nearly 300 professional fishing tournaments.

“Our TowBoatUS Dispatch Service handles on-the-water breakdown calls on most of the nation’s major inland lakes, rivers and reservoirs,” added Levi. “If we don’t have TowBoatUS location nearby, our 24/7 dispatch centers can get you the help you need whether your engine fails, you’re out of gas, your battery dies or you run aground in shallow water.”

Sheriffs’ boats, camera boats and other non-competitors’ boats have been used to tow Bassmaster tournament anglers experiencing breakdowns safely to shore in the past, but this new agreement will mark the first time in history that B.A.S.S. has allowed outside help from a formal towing service for anglers during competition.

Services provided by towboats are free of charge with an affordable BoatUS Angler membership. Competitors who have not signed up for membership will be charged the standard cost of services provided by TowBoatUS.

Tournament anglers who buy a BoatUS Angler membership will also benefit greatly from their subsequent free participation in the BoatUS Angler “Weigh-to-Win” tournament cash bonus program. Several options are available.

The On-the-Road Towing package costs $38 and includes a BoatUS Angler membership; it’s intended for bass anglers concerned about breakdowns on the highway. Those who want on-the-water assistance might choose the On-the-Water Unlimited Freshwater Towing package for $58, and a combination program offering both on-the-road and on-the-water coverage costs $72. All three offerings qualify for the “Weigh-to-Win” tournament cash bonus program at no additional cost.

The contingency also applies to the Bassmaster Weekend Series. For information or to register, phone (918) 742-6424 or go to

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