Franchi Offers the 48 AL in a Deluxe Prince-of-Wales Version


Greatness stands the test of time and spans the ages. One such greatness was the innovation of the long-recoil autoloader, which even by today’s standards, remains the choice of many discerning wingshooters, especially Franchi’s 48 AL. The barrel of the 48 AL recoils upon firing in conjunction with the bolt. As pressure drops, the barrel unlocks from the bolt and returns forward under spring pressure. The bolt follows, picking up a fresh shell on the way, allowing another shot to be fired instantly. Few shotguns embody the combination of lightning-fast handling qualities and superior “feel” as does Franchi’s AL 48 20-gauge autoloader.

Now comes the Franchi 48 AL Deluxe Prince-of-Wales version, which represents the ultimate refinement of long-recoil auto-loaders. This 48 AL model features a featherweight, yet durable, aluminum receiver that is complimented by the elegance of a Prince-of-Wales style pistol grip. Combining maximum style and tradition with minimum weight, you can fire up to five fast shots from a gun that weights just 5.6 pounds.

The Deluxe grade has figured select walnut polished metal surfaces and a gold trigger. The barrel is chrome-lined, proofed for steel shot and fitted with screw-in choke tubes in IC, M and F constrictions. Feel the tradition and pride that comes with shooting Franchi’s classic 48 AL Deluxe Prince-of-Wales version. Franchi has total confidence in their shotgun products and stands firmly behind every 48AL with the industry-leading 7-Year Warranty.

“The Franchi 48 AL Deluxe Prince-of-Wales version embodies that desirable combination of style and performance,” said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli USA VP Marketing & Communication. “Nothing compares to this slim sub-gauge for easy carry, even on the longest day afield.”

SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 20-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ Chokes: IC, M, F Sights: Bead Finish: Polished Blue Stock Material: A-Grade satin walnut Average Weight: 5.6 lbs. Overall Length: 46″ Length of Pull: 14.25″ Drop at heel: 2.5″ Drop at Comb: 1.5″
MSRP: $1,040

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