HECS & Próis Launch New SuperStealth ‘Intuition System’ Apparel for Women


Leading women’s hunting and outdoor clothing brand Próis Hunting and Field Apparel for Women has launched the ‘INTUITION SYSTEM’ HECS STEALTHSCREEN hunting line which features the HECS revolutionary new concealment technology designed to give hunters more time in close proximity to game.  Próis is the first hunting apparel company in the world to license the new technology.

Mike Slinkard, President of HECS, LLC, noted HECS has been garnering major support from top hunters and Próis was quick to recognize the advantages of hunting gear made with HECS STEALTHSCREEN.

“HECS STEALTHSCREEN has real benefits to hunters,” says Slinkard. “All living things, including humans, emit faint electric signals. Many animals are able to detect and react to these signals. HECS STEALTHSCREEN reduces the human electric signal, allowing hunters to get closer to game animals in its natural undisturbed state.”

The revolutionary HECS STEALTHSCREEN material is made of conductive carbon fibers uniquely woven to reduce the electric signal of the human body, while delivering the highest standards of comfort and performance.

The INTUITION SYSTEM utilizing Próis HECS STEALTHSCREEN will be available this summer at Próis retailers and online at Proishunting.com

HECS STEALTHSCREEN hunting suits for men are available from hecsllc.com

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